Oakville is Canada’s Best Place to Live in 2018 – Macleans Magazine

Ann Mulvale and her Campaign Team congratulate fellow Oakvillians on the recent recognition in Macleans Magazine as Oakville, Ontario and the 'Best Place' to live in 2018.

"Well done Oakville...we earned it together!"

"This accomplishment belongs to all of us...to the generations of wise Oakvillians who have gone before us...to the couple who always recycle...to the little league coaches...the dog rescuers...the firefighters...the courteous citizens who care enough to stay involved...to the business owners who give back in so many different ways. Not a single one of us, not a single politician, not any one person can say that this is their sole accomplishment. It belongs to all of us...all of us who make a difference every day... and Oakville, that is the real achievement here. We, as a community, have earned this, together. We should be proud of what we have accomplished together."

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